Schuylkill River Park Community Garden

Resources for Gardeners

Below are links to informational and retail resources that the SRPCG has compiled. Learn how to create a water feature, how to have your soil tested, where to purchase seeds and where to find many other types of plant material.

For Gardeners
SRPCG 2022 Soil Test Report
Winter Prep-Gloria Day, Pretty Dirty Ladies Design 11/2/19
Herbs-Ed MacFarland 4/6/19
Crop Rotation/Pests-Elizabeth Daily, PHS 11/3/18
Groundhog Deterrents 10/03/14
Yummy Recipes
Area Garden Center Location Map
Mail Order Garden Suppliers
Soil Testing
Late Blight (Phytophthora infestans) - infecting tomato and potato plants in the Northeast US
Grafting Tomatoes to Prevent Some Diseases
Plant Disease Diagnosis and Treatment
Plant Pest Diagnosis and Treatment
Horticultural Series Fact Sheets from Ohio State
Horticultural Series Fact Sheets from Cornell
Weed Science from the U of I
Creating a Successful Water Feature
Dave's Garden (forum)
Web Garden (tons of information and links to information on plant care and identification)
Plant Source (a database to find plant material in the Delaware Valley)
Garden Catalog Listing
Gardener Resources Compiled by PHS / Keep American Beautiful
Vendors Offering 10% Discount to PHS Members
Study Indicates 2" of Mulch Equivalent to Wood Bark in Weed Suppression Characteristics
PHS 2012 Events Catalog
Edible Wild Plants
Berry Fruit Guide

For Other Community Gardens

We often receive requests from other community gardens (or aspiring community gardeners) regarding vendors for particular materials and/or procedures for starting a community garden. Below are some resources that may prove helpful in these pursuits. We cannot officially recommend any of the below. Be sure to do your own research.

Non-profits that Can Help
Penn State Extension - Spotted Lanternfly Management
American Community Gardening Association - tons of relevant information
Philadelphia Green (PHS) - their "Garden Tenders" program is the best source of information on starting a garden in Philadelphia
Neighborhood Gardens Association - helps you preserve (buy) the land on which you're gardening
City Harvest Program - donate some of your produce to a good cause
SRPCG Vendors
Eureka Stone Quarry - source for quarry screenings, which line the SRPCG paths
Hillside Nurseries - mushroom substrate (5 - 15 cubic yards)
Laurel Valley Soils - large volumes (20+ cubic yards) of compost / mushroom substrate
Keith Carroll Landscaping - 215-659-6021, small volumes (5 cubic yards per truck) of compost, mulch, mushroom substrate
Plastic Lumberyard - borders for plots
Tague Lumber - source for wood based lumber (they deliver)
Gardener's Supply - aluminum corner brackets for plot construction
Bartlett Tree Experts - tree work, pruning, removal, stump grinding
Awbury Gardens & Landscaping - tree planting, tree work
John J. Bee Mechanical - plumbing, including complex setups
Dripworks - drip irrigation equipment
The Bethany Group - general contractor