Schuylkill River Park Community Garden

Soil Testing

Gardeners may wish to test their plot's soil for a number of reasons. Are you curious about whether you need to add an organic fertilizer or why a particular plant might not be thriving? A professional soil assessment can be obtained from Penn State University to answer these questions. To order a test kit, send a request letter along with a check for $10 per kit (made out to "Penn State University") to the following address:

Philadelphia County Cooperative Extension
111 N. 49th Street, Suite KN3-100
3rd Floor North
Philadelphia, PA 19139

You will receive back an envelope in which to mail your sample to Penn State as well as instructions for obtaining the sample from your garden. The $10 includes tests for basic nutrients. The envelope will also contain some forms on which you may request additional tests (e.g., lead) for a fee.