Schuylkill River Park Community Garden

Infrastructure Projects

In 1988, through the efforts of the City of Philadelphia, the Fairmount Park Commission, and CCRA, the Schuylkill River Park Community Garden was constructed into its current form as an unprecedented gift to the city and to our community. The meticulous planning at its inception allowed the garden to survive with very little infrastructure maintenance for approximately 20 years. However, visible in 2008 were signs of wear and degradation to many areas. In 2008, the Garden Steering Committee embarked on a large-scale effort to identify areas of the garden in need of repair, to evaluate potential re-building strategies, to raise the funds for these projects, and ultimately to carry out each project. In total, nearly $42,000 was raised to carry out most of the below projects.

The following areas were identified as potentially requiring attention:

Each of the aforementioned items received careful inspection by Steering Committee Members and when appropriate by experts outside of the garden. The following represents our action or plans regarding each item listed above. In addition, in 2011 the Steering Committee preliminarily identified some additional projects, which we are being researched for possible action including: 1) reworking plot L1; 2) converting the cold frames into a storage shed; 3) repairing the drinking fountain; and 4) constructing accessible plots. These four items are not yet included below.

Partners and Supporters

We would like to acknowledge and express our deepest appreciation to the following individuals or organizations who have supported garden rebuilding projects: